I have used Anna as my main editor for two of my books so far with great success.  Her work is fast and accurate.  I even had another author mention how professional the final layout was, which Anna created for me entirely.  Her skills include all the basics of grammar and proper re-ordering of themes and ideas, but I find I can also rely on her to call me for clarifications of ideas I am writing about for the sake of consistency.  I expect to use her for my next project coming this spring.

-David C. Flynn, author of Search for the Alien God and Dangerous Alien Robot

I strongly recommend Anna Macdonald as a proofreader. She did an excellent job of catching mistakes that had passed several other copyeditors by. I wish that the copyeditors employed by major publishing companies were as competent.

- L. Jagi Lamplighter, author of the Prospero's Daughter and Unexpected Enlightenment of Rachel Griffin series