Anna Macdonald lives in Oregon with her husband and five kids.

To contact me, email me at or call me at (503) 847-1477.

If you email me, please include a sample of your work (perhaps a chapter, or two pages worth), the total word count for your writing, and whether you (or your publisher) use a particular style guide, such as the Chicago Manual or the AP. In particular, I really appreciate knowing whether you want the Oxford comma to be used or not.


The listed prices are already lower than industry standard, because I am a stay-at-home mom, and I must fit editing in around a busy schedule. It may take me longer to finish a project than it would a full-time editor, so you are paying less than you would for them.

However, most of my clients still can't afford the above prices. So I offer a sliding scale, of sorts. Send me a sample of your writing—say, about two pages or so—along with the total word count and the amount YOU think you can afford to pay me to edit it. I will let you know if I accept your offer or not.